Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Dove That Came Ten Days Ago

by Matt Sise

A dove came to me last night
It landed on my hand without a fight.
Its plumage opened my eyes; its cooing lifted my heart
It's leaving, and now I realize that I can't stand to be apart.
So I ran outside and followed its flight to the place where it lands
Steady at first, then I leapt with all my might and grasped it in my hands.
I had it - it was mine forever more.
I would never be without the joy of the night before.
The reaction I got was not what I need
It pecked me, It didn't hurt, but I did bleed.
As the blood flows from where my hand met its beak
My love becomes strong but my body weak.
My last act is to free the dove to chase the wind
My body gets stronger even though I'll never see the dove again.
Every night I leave the window open for the dove
Several come, but none are the one I really love.