Thursday, July 10, 2014

Commandments in Glass

by Tim Bishop

I've always wished to build
A house of glass and steel
On a cliff above the sea

To spread my arms
And praise the work - 
The work that came from me

To find a love
I know will last
To remember now
Forget the past

Is there someone out there
Who's felt like that too?
If it's so, I just want you to know
I hear you

I've always wished to
Be set free and praise
That magic number three

Is there someone here
Who feels like that too?
If so, I feel with you

To climb a mountain in an endless sky
To reach the Fountain that makes me high
To feel the way I wish to feel

To reach immortal pinnacles
To break free from these manacles
To be gentle like fire, and harder than steel

   There are commandments in glass
   Made to be broken
   Whispered words
   Meant to be spoken

   An imposing command
   They wish to be giving
   A quiet resistance
   A wish to be living

I've always dreamed of days
Listening to the breeze
Seeping through the majestic trees

Watching the sunrise each day
And seeing it fade in its beautiful way
And living my own destiny