Thursday, July 17, 2014

White Tile

By Elliot

The Student walks
Down crowded halls
Passing faces --
     not people 
Passing Teachers --
     gods on Their own plane
     Above the white tile
Wondering --
Remembering tears
Falling on pages of open books
     -- closed to the mind
Remembering sleep
Knocking on your door
     -- too tired to answer it
Remembers As of the past
Mother and Father
Loved to talk
To Their Friends --
You were a Person then --
The path of life would take You
They were proud
You were Someone
Someone who
Halfway down the path
From tiredness of mind
     and body
-- I tried
     You scream
As You feel Someone
Leaving you
you are No one --
     --No more praise
Nowhere engulfs you
As you lie
A white tile
On the floor of
The Someones
Stepping on you
     and others
As They make Their way
To Somewhere
Matters now
you are lost 
     -- forever
you didn't make 
     The Grade