Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ice Cube

by Elliot

In a dream ...

I was an ice cube
Content - alone and detached
          in my encasement of blue plastic
Welcoming - the dark cold world
          I lived in 
          among the ice cream & frozen TV dinners
Hating - the sudden burst of light
          and short spurt of warmth
          that took yet another thing
          from my world
Then came the earthquake
I felt the walls tremble
          - a crack split through my spine
Your hand enclosed over my body
A warm, red substance
          - like amniotic fluid - 
          engulfed me - 
          pulsated through my pores
I touched your lips and felt
          part of me melt away
Intoxicated with this new existence
          I didn't care that I was
My identity - 
          merging with the fluids
          to be swallowed into you