Tuesday, November 4, 2014


by Kat Comer

Behind my eyes
I saw the sun
its firey glow
into hills ringed
against El Salvador's sky.

as fingers
of purple shadow
inched slowly
over barren fields
by faceless men
who carried guns
and held within their fist
the nucleus of power
from tired skeletons
bowed across the ground
in stationary arcs
with eyes blued blind
beneath them
the rebel came
bringing with him words
that fell on listening hearts
and reached
past barriers of silence
erected long ago
by a people dumb
with their own acceptance.
                                          mountain guerillas
answering his call
emptied villages
upon the night
to gather force within
the silence.

Aping snakes
with teeth of steel
                                         they crawled
through cane fields
shaved of harvest
                                         to kill
the enemy
comfortably asleep
on satin sheets
in luxurious haciendas.