Sunday, December 14, 2014

How Do You Suck the Life Out of a Day?

The global orange ...

Sink teeth into its tender flesh
swollen with juicy sinew.
Rend the filmy sheath,
     licking the clinging tubules from
     gleaming enamel and slick gum
as the juice streams down your 
     face in rivulets,
     leaving a sticky residue on the chin,
the pungent citrus tickling the nose,
the acrid aftertaste tingling the tongue,
and though satiated with the sensuous experience,
     the juice-ridden throat is left
You grope for water to wash it all down, down,
     down - 
     until the thirst for that sweet fulfillment moves
     you to pick another.


Smash jagged cones into its tender flesh,
     catching the juice that streams
     down the plastic in rivulets
     in a cold, glass jar,
leaving white, tattered skins plastered
     against the adobe textured rind
     intermixed with deflated tubules.


Sink serrated metal teeth into its coarse,
     pocked rind
methodically dissecting the swollen skin
     into carefully quartered pieces.


Leave it to rot in the stinking heat.