Tuesday, January 20, 2015

St. James Church

Disrupting  the  quaint
contour  of   trees,   St.
James  steeple  spires
majestically     to    the
heavens.  Grand when
viewed  at a  distance,
close           inspection
evokes  a  shudder  of

dismay.  Erected in 1847 as a House of
God, 140 years later St. James Catholic
Church is a House for  the  Birds.  Rot-
eaten    boards    nailed    secure    over
windows  where the sun used to stream
through  stained  glass --  now pillaged.
The once white steeple -- now  infested
with rust and  the  incessant  cooing  of

pigeons.  At   its  steps 
lie     the   d e c a y e d
skeleton  of  one of  its
l a i t y   whose   pitiful
tuft  of  feathers mixed
in   well   with  the  dirt,
smashed   shells   and 
droppings of the entire
congregation  --  of the
church   itself,   now  a
carcass in  the process
of   de com p o si t i on.
A c r o s s    the   street
children   play   in   the
courtyard  of  a modern
day  school  building --
innocent,        laughing, 
alive,  oblivious  to the
death  smoldering  just
beyond the school gate.