Sunday, March 1, 2015

Red Scarf

by Elliot

Red silk scarf
     - drying in the wind
Saturated with the fragrance of
     grass, clover, honeysuckle,
     rain-scented breezes,
     and musky perfume
A thousand raging crimson nights
     - twisting, wrapping
     in the sudden gusts
Moonlit masquerades - wine and roses - 
lakeshore promenades
     - contorting, writhing
     in the rising gale
Past, Present and Future
All memories and emotions as One
     - wrenching and grasping
     Until the tempest rises

With a sudden surge
     the scarlet threads soar
     of the line

To be blown
     onto some mud-trodden street
     used as an oil-blotting rag,
     to smear the filthy grime off
     a cracked bedroom window,
     to block the flow of blodd
     from a puss-infested 
     knife wound
     to flap in the wind,
     - wrapped around a cold, metal pole - 
     a banner for the future generation