Sunday, April 17, 2016


by Kat Comer

Rapt in stillness
Emily floats
In a pool of silence.
Its waters - calm & flecked with light - 
Are not disturbed
By the tumult of voices
Clamoring, unnoticed
From a distant shore.
Life's parade passes
Like a silent film unwinding
Before indifferent eyes.
Such fanfare holds no allure
Cannot compete
For her attention 
With the whisper of God
She waits for on the threshold
Between two worlds,
Her spirit poised
Her patience boundless
As the waters that sustain her.
Don't be fooled 
By the presence of her flesh
And the depth of our need.
Emily is elsewhere
Cradled in her Father's arms.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Peaceable Kingdom

Dream of a Peaceable Kingdom
Dream of a time without war
The ones we wish would hear us
Have heard it all before
               - Neil Peart

Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks