Monday, May 23, 2016

Wheatfield with Crows

by Donald Fry

Wheat Field with Crows, Vincent van Gogh, 1890

Are they there to steal the yellowing wheat,
these crows? or to distract the traveler?
who needs to choose between two paths, his feet
left, right or straight, a choice triangular.

Civil warring in the sky, schizoid blues
commingle and compress two frightened clouds
earthwards with mur’drous, tuxedoed crows whose
cruel descent, undergrowth chaffed to wheat shrouds.

The path travelled far less in landscape view,
lost in perspective in the yellow wood
off-frame.  A gun’s report, easel falls, two
paths diverge then disappear.  Artist stood;

surveys the slow art of decaying wheat
Crows caw their mysteries, then, en masse retreat.