Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ghosts and Fashion

Danielle and The Devil by Janet Hill
by Elaine Equi

Although it no longer has a body
to cover out of a sense of decorum,

the ghost must still consider fashion--

must close its invisibility in something
if it is to "appear" in public.

Some traditional specters favor
the simple shroud--

a toga of ectoplasm
worn Isadora-Duncan-style
swirling around them.

While others opt for lightweight versions
of once familiar tee shirts and jeans.

                                                                         Perhaps being thought-forms,
                                                                         they can change their outfits instantly-

                                                                         or if they were loved ones,
                                                                         it is we who clothe them
                                                                         like dolls from memory.

Monday, October 24, 2016


By Jonathan Aaron
From his collection entitled Corridor

Dozens of burning, fish-shaped clouds dove for the horizon, 
determined to make more of an already explosive sunset.

The sea gave the shore another hearty slap on the back.
Crickets started singing in the dry grass beyond the wide-open door.

The day's last excursion boat glided past the window, white as a gull.
We were about to sit down around the kitchen table

and serve ourselves from a hot bowl those little red potatoes
the whole island survived on during the war.