Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aunt Klara's Kale

by Donald Fry
More by Donald Fry can be found on his YouTube Channel

Kale solely cured Aunt Klara’s carbuncle,
she preached that other miracles ensued;
bunions quashed, a toothache soon cried “Uncle;”
halitosis quelled, cancerous polyps couped!

Her leafy gospel spread to neighbor’s yards,
A lush, verdant, zealousness, a teal-tossed mist.
Aphids, cutworms, root maggots, a swarming sward;
Friends and family pruned, she’s now the Logo, Kalerist.

Ash to ash, Kale to Kale, pale holey grail,
Grocery store sermons  to the contrite;
Two shopping bags replete with Kale, a veil,
To the ineluctable black and white.

A saffron beer truck sowed her in its wake,
a blue-green shroud, an ornamental lake.